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Tips For Staying Active As You Get Older

30th July 2019
Tips For Staying Active As You Get Older

As we get older, we often find it is more and more difficult to stay active, but it’s incredibly important to keep moving in order to stay healthy. Regular exercise not only lowers your risk of developing serious physical health conditions such as heart disease and dementia but can also have positive effects on your mental health. 

Our fully trained carers at Wolfeton Manor understand staying active isn’t always easy in older age, which is why we have a range of activities to suit everyone and are always open to new suggestions. Read through our tips on how to get in that all important exercise and for a flavour of the activities we offer here at Wolfeton Manor. 

Go for a walk to stay active

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean strapping on some sweat bands and heading for the gym but can encompass anything that gets your heart rate up. So, if the gym isn’t for you, try going for a walk every day as a great way to get in your daily exercise. If you’re not very active at the moment, start slowly and gradually build up speed and distance as you get stronger. Set in the beautiful county of Dorset, Wolfeton Manor has its own wonderful mature garden for our residents to make full use of, whether that’s entertaining friends and family on the lawn or taking a stroll along our accessible paths. 

Find an active hobby

Many of us avoid doing exercise because we find it boring, but exercise doesn’t have to be a chore! Finding an active hobby such as tennis, ballroom dancing or cycling is a great way of staying active without even realising you’re exercising as you’ll be far too busy enjoying yourself to notice. Finding a new hobby has the added benefit of meeting new, like-minded people. 

Exercise without leaving your seat

Exercising without leaving your favourite armchair may sound too good to be true but it can be done and our residents find it to be fantastic fun. Armchair exercises are movements designed to be performed from a chair for less able people (or those with an affinity for sitting down) and can be performed on your own or in a group.

Get moving in the garden 

While not strictly vigorous exercise, gardening is a great way to get some fresh air and become more active. From potting colourful hanging baskets to arranging magnificent rockeries, you’ll keep your body moving while creating a wonderful space to sit back and relax in after all your hard work. 

At Wolfeton Manor, our experienced carers are dedicated to keeping all our residents as active as possible and we regularly arrange a number of activities and events to ensure the enjoyment of all. To learn more about the varied lifestyle on offer at Wolfeton Manor, please feel free to get in touch today on 01305 262340

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