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Get To Know Our Resident Phyllis Lilley

21st June 2016
Get To Know Our Resident Phyllis Lilley

Please read below to get to know our resident Phyllis a little better.

60 seconds answering questions about her life at the home and memories from the past.










What do you enjoy most about the home?

It’s Homely.


What activity do you find the most enjoyable?

A good Quiz


Did you have a favourite toy when you were younger? If it was a doll or a stuffed animal, what was its name?

I had lots of dolls, all of which were my favourites!


Did you have a nickname growing up? How did you get it?

Only Phil


What is your favourite meal you get to eat at the home? And what would you like them to include on the menu?

I like anything with Cheese in it!


What was the best trip or vacation you ever took? Why was it so special?

I went to London, it was special because I was a nanny for a Friend.


What age has been the best age of your life? Why?

My 30's as that was when I got Married and had my daughter. 


Do you have a particular favourite care assistant? If so what has she done to make this impression?

They are all lovely


Want to know more?

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