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5 Ways To Help Someone Who is Lonely This Christmas

10th December 2019
5 Ways To Help Someone Who is Lonely This Christmas

One of the many things we enjoy about Christmas is spending quality time with our friends and family. But for those who have lost loved ones, or they aren’t around, it can be an incredibly difficult and lonely time of year.

According to the charity Age UK, more than 1.5 million older people feel that the holidays is the loneliest time of year. So, if you know an older person who is likely to need a little extra support this festive season, follow these few simple ideas for things you can do to help them enjoy the festivities.  

1) Schedule regular phone calls

One of the easiest ways to reach out to an older friend, relative or neighbour is to give them a call. Many older people can go for weeks without speaking to another person, so this simple action of having a conversation over the phone will help keep them connected with society. 

2) Take them out to festive activities 

Communities all over the country hold at least one or two festive events, from Christmas markets and plays to choir services and neighbourhood lunches. If you know someone who can’t get out very much, invite them to attend with you. This will give them the chance to get some Christmas shopping done and socialise, and you’ll benefit from their company. 

3) Help them write Christmas cards

A practicality we often take for granted is the ability to write Christmas cards. However, for those with arthritis and other mobility issues, this can almost feel impossible. Offering to help write the Christmas cards for an elderly person who struggles will help them stay connected with their loved ones. If their eyesight is also impaired, why not read aloud the cards they have received too?

4) Invite them over for Christmas day 

No one should have to spend Christmas day alone, so if you know someone who will be doing just that, invite them over to spend some time with you or visit them on the day. Even if it’s just for a cup of tea and slice of yule log, your company will mean so much to them.  

5) Volunteer at a community lunch 

Loneliness is such a big problem at Christmas time that many communities host special festive lunches on the 25th for people who would otherwise be spending the day by themselves. These incredible meetings always need volunteers to help out, from cooking and serving food to driving the elderly to and from the venue, so why not donate some of your time to help a lonely person in need this Christmas?


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